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[World Mission Society Church of God] “Where to go?”

Christ AhnsahnghongWhere are you living, now? Do you know that you were heavenly angels in the splendid heavenly kingdom? In this last age, Christ Ahnsahnghong has come to take us to eternal kingdom, and established WMSCOG for our salvation! As the believers say, we are God’s children. This is why we call God “Father”! In other words, we were heavenly angels, who had lived with God the Father and God the Mother as heavenly children. But, now? We are living on this sinful world! Have you ever thought that you were heavenly angels in the glorious heavenly kingdom?


 To Our Home, Heaven!


My husband’s job required to stay far apart from our house.


We are faithful family who needed to keep God’s commandments in those places that we dwelled.


Our small wish is for my husband’s job to be resolved so that we can all live together in one place.


Though being together once a month is now our daily life, we still don’t seem to be used to it.


As always, being together gives us joy and being apart hurts our hearts.


When my husband comes home nearly after a month, my children are delirious with joy.


Seeing them waiting in front of the bathroom door, until my husband finished taking a shower, it made me feel sad and a little bitter considering how much they must have missed him.


After I’ve set the table for dinner, we all sat down together, which was in a long time.


“Dad, have this.”


My children were busily placing the best food on to his plate.


“Thanks sweetie pies.”


His voice was trembling and eventually his eyes welled up.


At an instant, I burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying for a while.


It was not only because of how I longed and wished for my family to be together, but it was mostly because I thought I have felt Heavenly Mother’s heart.


In Heaven…


Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, and we, their children, were all in happiness and joy every day.


Because of our sins, the joy in Heaven stopped, and we were scattered apart in this world.


Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother had to receive sacrifice instead of glory.


Thinking of Heavenly Mother who had to stay on this earth all alone when Father ascended, my heart hurt so much.


How much would Heavenly Mother be longing for the day when She returns to Heavenly Father with Her children?


How hard must it be for Her, on this very moment, when Her children are living apart from Her?


The only way to end this pain, suffering, hardship, and longing, is to return to our home; Heaven.


In Heaven, where we can all live together…


I will endure more, and will promptly accomplish Heavenly Father’s and Heavenly Mother’s wish, the wish that we all long for.

Now, come to WMSCOG, and receive Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother! Then, we will surely return to our heavenly home without fail!






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