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Thanks! All thanks to Heavenly Mother![World Mission Society Church of God]

God the MotherFrom my mouth? I truly want to say with all my heart, “Thanks to Heavenly Mother to be with me! Thanks to love me!” Attending the World Mission Society Church of God, I came to realized how earnestly Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother have loved me! Sometimes, I forgot Elohim God’s love. Nevertheless, I was also being loved by Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother! So, I truly want to say with my mouth, “Heartfelt thanks to Elohim God!”

I give thanks to Heavenly Mother’s love

On the train, there was a middle-aged man sitting on the opposite side of me.

Exhausted face, deep wrinkles, skinny figure in a shabby clothes…

He really looked fatigued.

Just by seeing him made me think, “Our lives as sinners are tough, but is it really tough like that?”

He had his reasons.

The people’s eyes were fixed to the man’s son.

His age supposed to be young with spirit.

But being mentally challenged, the son was into his own world, and his father was holding his hand.

Suddenly, my eyes welled up.

Though the father looked so exhausted, his face brightened up whenever he saw his son.

Smiling as if he had gained the whole entire world, I could sense his love and sacrifice.

I felt Heavenly Mother’s love who came from heaven to this earth, to save me, who was about to die with spiritual incurable illness.

All those years that she has spent, day and night, praying with tears without rest to save me.

Enduring all mocks and scorns she would just embrace my illness in a time of pain.

However, this immature sinner’s eyes were covered with sins, and I couldn’t realize Mother’s sacrifice or know Her love.

Oh my Mother!

Though She is spending all those years with pain, She would always show bright smiles in front of Her children.

Mother’s great and holy love and sacrifice blossoms my heart with repentance.

My holy Heavenly Mother, I truly bow down to You and give You thanks and eternal glory.

And I pray to You…

If this child lets go of your hand, please hold my hand back with compassion.


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